Sunday, June 19, 2005

Game Over, Cont.

Whoa, even more days have passed, so I've got even more to forget. I'll try my best to remember. There's so much to catch up on! Practically every day has been packed with so much to do. It was stressful at a point, but I've gotten over it by now. Now, let's continue. I'm going to try and make it more visual this type, like a story. I need to brush up on my writing skills so that I can start to fill up the Read section of the website. Moving along...

Thursday, June 2nd (Cont.)

One by one we stepped out of the limo, donned in our pretty dresses in soft hues of yellow, blue, and pink as we lightly grasped the hands of our dates. I seriously have a thing for guys with soft hands. I think I've somehow got this idea that they traditionally don't have soft hands. Anyway, we stepped into the hotel, beautifully decorated with plush carpets, chandeliers, and a staircase that spiraled up to the second floor, where we would find our table. I was grateful for it being away from the music being played downstairs, a notion which has often rendered complaints amongst the more talkative kids. But at least up stairs, we could hear ourselves.

After taking a few pictures with teachers, faculty, and the like, we finally headed upstairs to our table. By now my feet were already hurting, and I had only been standing in my heels for maybe 20 minutes. I am so not a girly girl. As we were preparing to sit down, I turned around and saw someone I hadn't since freshman year.

Joe, Joe, Joe. I think that's his name, anyway. With time, I've forgotten. It was so good to see him again. I remember my time with him like yesterday. It was in the library when I met him, freshman year. We were all working on a project, and I was walking around with my usual grim face, frown, frown, frown. Then he randomly comes up to me and says, "Wanna be my friend?" It was so peculiar to me that some random sk8r boi wanted to be my friend. Not that I knew what that was back then. After all, I was just coming in from the city, and it was my first time being exposed to one, so many white folks at once, and two, the punk/skater/rocker kind of kid. His spiked hair just invigorated my curiosity and willingness to learn more about the suburban culture. So I was like, "Ok, sure, whatever, I'll be your friend." I was thinking he was up to something. I quickly learned that such was not the case. He was just as curious about me as I was about him. I remember during the dawdling minutes of our English class with Mr. Bean, he'd ask me all these random questions like, "Are there gangs in your neighborhood? Do people get shot?" among other things. What I found odd is that he was actually familiar with gang signs and he could form the word "Blood" with his fingers, as would a member of the said gang. He once asked to touch my hair and when I allowed him to, he was sent into a fit of giggles so hard, his face turned red. It was then I realized he was cute. But by the end of freshman year, I was to learn that I would never see him at SHHS again. He signed my "Autograph" book with something about fire safety (I was comfortable enough with him to have told him about a recent disaster) and went on his way that final day of 9th grade. A couple years later, Junior year I believe, I saw him again at a football game. He didn't seem as willing to talk to me, as he was preoccupied with another conversation at the moment, so I backed off before I could have my feelings hurt.

Seeing him at prom was great, a bit of closure for me. We took a picture together, (I may link to it later) reminisced a bit, and went our separate ways for the night. We weren't too far though, because his table was behind mine. All I needed was one last time.

Dinner, I didn't like. In fact, I wound up giving most of it to either my date, or my friend. It was around this time that I found out that my best friend was dating one of the guys in our circle. I felt a minimal pang of envy, partially because I was the last to know, and even less because I too though the boy was adorable, but I really didn't care at the end of the night. When we were done with eating, taking more pictures, and conversation, we eventually went downstairs to the dance floor. Oh mercy me. My date (I'm withholding names for a reason I'm not sure of at the moment) grabbed a hold of my hips and was like, c'mon, the rest of my friends trying to convince me as well. I found every excuse to get out of it though. I am such a loser. I did eventually SORT of dance with him. I at one point told him I'd slow dance with him, and he grabbed me kind of suddenly, which kind of startled me. It was kinda hot though. I pulled away, as I always do, and said, ok, later. We sorta did dance eventually, but not to the fullest. And all that grinding crap, which I know was on his mind, especially seeing as to how he is in to hip hop, was making me kind of sick. There had been more this year than at the Junior prom, which I found odd. I kinda regret not taking advantage of him being there. I don't mean that in that way either. But yea, I am a party pooper.

We left the prom early and headed to my best friends house to undress for bed/the After Prom. We made a WaWa run for some junk and went on our way.

Ok you know, I don't think these long entries are so good for me. My wrist is starting to hurt in the CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) zone and I need to take a break. So once again, to be continued!